I like to write about people, the places they live and the things with which they choose to surround themselves. Here are some of my favorite pieces that made it into Article.

100 days of designing for growth-01

Designing for Growth in 100 Days

Prior to joining Cowrywise, I had “shot my shot” a couple of times in the past. I believed that since I loved the product so much, I would probably have a great time working with the team that design and manage it. I was right. It was great to finally get the opportunity I sought …

Thanos design infinity gauntlet

9 Top Skills for Corporate Designers

What are the top skills for designers who want to stand out? Does it stop at just the art of design or are there other skills you need to imbibe to enjoy growth on the corporate ladder? This guide details my “evolution” as a designer and in it, I share the top skills that have …